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I am currently working on a migration of on-premise to cloud project (going GREAT by the way).  One of the things we are working on is the change with the data integration.  One of the processes loads the number of working days to the application from a source that provides it.  “Why not use Groovy,” I ask?  It turns out to be a great question. Read more


Because so many methods in PBCS require parameters that are maps and lists, it is very important to your productivity and effectiveness to understand, use, and be able to manipulate collections.  Collections include lists, maps, and ranges.  These are based on Java collection types and include a ton of useful methods.  This article will cover lists and maps. Read more



One of the huge frustrations I have with Planning is the fact that you haven’t been able to stop a user from saving data that didn’t validate since Smart View was released and Data Forms could be opened in Excel.  Prior to that, the forms could be customized with JavaScript and the form save could be interrupted and cells flagged.  Well, thanks to Groovy Calculations, it is back, and every bit as flexible. Read more


I recently learned the importance of encrypted passwords in batch files. Without a password file, the scripts will still run, but the user is prompted to input a password in the command prompt after initialization. Encrypted passwords allow for the automation of these scripts. Shout out to Sumit Deo for his patience in guiding me through the initial process and helping me with my batch scripting skills along the way. Read more