Groovy offers creative ways to force data into acceptable ranges.  But, what happens when there is an acceptable reason for abnormal trends, or drivers?  With Groovy, you can not only add limits to data cells, but you can also allow entry outside of those ranges if the user enters an explanation.  With Groovy, you get the best of both worlds! Read more


Say what? An application where no calculations are performed with the Essbase calculation engine?

Business logic, currency, and every other calculation can be performed within Groovy outside of Essbase. I don’t know how I feel about this yet, but the thought of building this in calculations on an ASO cube is intriguing. The elimination of consolidating BSO cubes and data movements with Smart Pushes is also interesting. Some of my coworkers have built entire applications this way with great success and speed. I wanted to replicate this on a small scale to identify the pros and cons of this methodology, and here is what I found. Read more