There is a new, and often requested, option added to Smart View.  If you use drill through to Data Management (PBCS) or FDMEE (On Prem), download the most recent release of Smart View.  We, as users, now have the option to change where the result of our drill through queries is returned.  Users can either be asked where the result should be displayed, have it displayed in your browser, or (drum roll) have another tab created that holds the results in Excel. Read more


If you are using PBCS, you may run into some challenges with large files being passed through FDMEE.  Whether performance is an issue or you just want to parse a file my month/year, this script might save you some time.

The Challenge

I recently had the need to break apart a file.  The source provided one large text file that included 2 years of data that was needed to populate the history of an employee metrics application.  The current process loaded files by month and we wanted to be able to piggy back off the existing scripts to load and process data in FDMEE and the monthly Planning data pushes to the ASO reporting cube.  Read more


I’m currently working with a Planning application that has 2 data types with different dimensionality. This proved to cause some issues when I would try to import data via FDMEE. I would receive a validation error during the import phase for dimension UD4 (Customer dimension) which was valid for Plan Type 2 but not for Plan Type 1 Read more


Although FDMEE is the data management tool of the future for Workspace, it is still lacking some of the basic functionality that can be utilized in FDM classic. One of these issues arose recently on my current project: How can we have 2 separate load rules in FDMEE, but have them each pointing to a separate database in the same application? The answer, it seems, is that you can’t. To begin, let me describe the issue in FDMEE in a little more in depth… Read more