Patch Set Update: offers a welcome utility

If you have ever tried to automate the state of a Hyperion Planning applications’ Application Maintenance Mode, you found it difficult. The only way to accomplish this was to run a SQL Update on the repository table, and for this to take effect, the Planning service had to be restarted.

If you are unfamiliar with the Application Maintenance Mode setting, Read more


Kscope13 article submission is open.  I will be spearheading the Planning track at Kscope13.  Last year was my first trip to the conference, and I was amazed at the talent and breadth of speakers.  Jake Turrell did an unbelievable job owning the Planning track last year.  He was involved in the release of Developing Essbase Applications (available in hardback and Kindle versions). Read more


We have introduced a few changes to the site, and hope they add additional value and ease of use.

First, we have upgraded the blog engine to the newest version to eliminate some issues the site is experiencing with newer browsers.  We have received feedback that some of the functions aren’t working as expected, and these changes should fix the issues viewers are having. Read more


Josh Forrest and I presented at last year’s Collaborate conference.  Along with that presentation, we wrote a white paper on the implementation of Hyperion Planning.  This paper included process of selecting a vendor, the project goals, requirements gathering, project methodology, and even the lessons learned once the implementation was completed.

The editors of OAUG asked us if they could publish the article in the summer edition, which was released this week.  The article was written closely with Abercrombie & Fitch and represents the process from the business, not from the consulting services, point of view.

The article can be downloaded here at  Access to the article requires free registration.


Oracle has confirmed a bug related to the deployment of security with a planning application maintained in EPMA in version 11.1.2.x.  When the Shared Members checkbox is selected in an EPMA deployment of a Planning application, it ignores this option.  Even if the Shared Members box is checked, the user still only gets access to Ohio Region, and not the children, in the example below.   Oracle is currently working on a patch. Read more