I am really excited to announce that my first training class is released. The first class is called Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning, and it will contain 10 modules.  Module 1 and 2 are complete and 3 will be available by the end of the week.  Each additional module will be available every 7 to 10 days.  I am looking for feedback and am offering a $100 discount to the first 20 people that would like to purchase the class. Read more


If you haven’t heard, we now have the ability to execute REST API within a calculation script.  Not only does that mean we can interact with other environments and do things in calculations we couldn’t do before, we also have the ability to interact with any provider that has REST.  You could pull current prices for products from Amazon.  You could see how many open box items there are at area Best Buy stores.  You could pull in currency rates.  That doesn’t even touch on the things like DM processes, metadata updates, and application refreshes. You can even send emails!

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Importing data directly into PBCS can be done in two ways.  There is a planning format and an Essbase format.  Yes, it can be loaded through Data Management, but this is focused on explaining the direct import process, the formats, and the benefits to each. Read more