Celebrating One Year Of Training

One year ago, I decided to release my first training course on Groovy. A year later, I want to thank everybody for supporting me and celebrate everybody that has joined the Groovy revolution with me.

12 months later more than 200 people have participated in one form of training and the reviews are amazing. The training is changing career paths, Oracle implementation successes, and inspiring people to break out of the normal development paths. Groovy has opened up new opportunities for implementations that Oracle Planning was never considered for before.

To celebrate, I am offering a bundle of Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning & Mastering The EPM Planning Javadocs at a discounted price when purchased together. I am further discounting it to hopefully get more people educated around the possibilities. Furthermore, for every sale in August, I am donating another $100 to help those suffering with the economic changes due to Covid.

You will be seeing posts on Linked In and Twitter about being a hero.

  • Week 1(Captain America) – You don’t have to be a superhero to be a hero!
  • Week 2(Hulk) – people sad, hulk mad!
  • Week 3(Spiderman) – My spidey senses are tingling!
  • Week 4(Ironman) – It’s an imperfect world, but it’s the only one we got!

To take advantage of this throughout August, go to my In2Hyperion Podia center and sign up. And if you still don’t know how Groovy can change your implementations, think about these. These are just a start and in no particular order.

  • Performance improvement
    • Calculations
    • Data movement
    • Run processes synchronously
  • Proactive user input validation
    • RTPs
    • Form level
    • Cell level
  • Functionality
    • Java classes and methods
  • Real-time cube synchronization/consolidation
  • Business logic execution in ASO (No Essbase calculations)
  • Advanced traffic lighting
  • Custom logging
  • Custom user error messages
  • Metadata management
  • Interact with Smart Lists
  • Connect to external sources
    • Internal relational DBs
    • Third party (currency rates, Amazon, NFL, Best Buy)
  • Process management
    • Email users when long calculations complete
    • Email admins when a calculation fails
    • Terminate calc if taking over x
  • Multi-dimensional security
    • By form / app / user
  • Relational component
    • Metadata properties
    • Mapping
  • User input at dynamic members
    • Rates
    • Consolidated Hybrid members
  • Eliminations at first common parent
  • User POV execution of Data Management processes
  • What If analysis in existing models with complete undo at any level

You all stay happy, safe, and let’s all be heroes and change the world!

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