As people in our small community build tools that they think will benefit others, they are posted here.  We hope you find them helpful and useful.

Excel Essbase Add-In Ribbon

For those of you who still enjoy the flexibility of the Hyperion Excel add-in and have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007, you are well aware that Excel no longer has toolbars or menus.  SmartView integrates with the ribbon methodology well, but the Hyperion Essbase Excel add-in doesn’t.  What used to be the Hyperion menu is stuck in the add-ins ribbon as a drop down menu.  It still functions the same, but users loose the quick access to functions that the ribbon methodology adds.

In2Hyp Services Manager

As Hyperion applications have become more integrated, the need for multiple servers to support the environment is now required.  Although the recent releases of version 11 are less dependent on the order in which the services start, Hyperion still recommends a specific order for services to start to perform correctly.  As these services are now on multiple servers, it is more time consuming and error prone to perform this operation.  Many organizations lack the ability to automate this task when services are interrupted, or operating systems are updated.

Show Unique Essbase Errors Utility

If you load data to Essbase, you have get rejected data due to invalid member names.  This utility will summarize the errors so you don’t have to page down through hundreds, if not thousands, of lines to identify the issues. Simply select the error file and this utility will return a summarized list of the members causing the problem.

Essbase Export Analysis

Analyze the data in any Essbase cube to identify why the size is growing, learn how to educate users to help themselves, and be a hero to everybody!