As Hyperion applications have become more integrated, the need for multiple servers to support the environment is now required. Although the recent releases of version 11 are less dependent on the order in which the services start, Hyperion still recommends a specific order for services to start to perform correctly. As these services are now on multiple servers, it is more time consuming and error prone to perform this operation. Many organizations lack the ability to automate this task when services are interrupted, or operating systems are updated.

In2Hyperion is now making available In2HypServicesManager. In2HypServicesManager is an application that will start or stop the services in a predefined order on multiple servers with a domain account. An XML file supplied holds the parameters around the services, the servers they exist on, and the order in which to start and stop them.


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


Version 3.5 or higher of the .NET library is required to run this application. This may be downloaded for free from Microsoft .NET download Page.

The In2HypServicesManager download includes 2 files.

  1. In2HypServicesManager.exe – this is the application executable.
  2. Services.xml – this is a standard xml file that can be edited in any text editor.

These can be placed in any folder as long as they are both in the same location (PC, server, or USB thumb drive). No installation is required.

The xml file is formatted in the following manner. Each service to be included with the start/stop routine has an entry. The service name is the Windows service name. The server is the server name of the respective service. The delay is the default delay time before it is determineded to fail. The default of 15 should be sufficient. The number of services is limitless.

<Services_name>Hyperion Foundation OpenLDAP</Services_name>
<Services_name>Hyperion Foundation Shared Services – Web Application</Services_name>



In2HypServicesManager is a console application that can start all the services in the order they exist in the xml file. It also stops all application in the reverse order, so it moves from the bottom of the xml file to the top. A list option is also available that will list all services on a server, which can help identify the service name required in the xml file. Operations can be executed with command prompts so the automation of starting or stopping services can be scheduled. The required parameters are as follows.

  • “/a=”, which accepts start or stop
  • “/d=”, which accepts the domain [optional]
  • “/u=”, which accepts the user name [optional]
  • “/p=”, which accepts the password [optional]

Optional parameters are only required if the account executing In2HypServicesManager.exe is not a domain account with access to the servers in question.

Example: In2HypServicesManager.exe /a=start /d=companydomain /u=hyperionadmin /p=123456

Although this was designed with the Hyperion services in mind, it is not dependent on Hyperion and can be used for any requirement in which services need to be started or stopped.

Known Limitations

In2HypServicesManager will only execute on a Microsoft Windows operating system. It will can execute the list, start, or stop operations on services that are installed on a Windows operating system. It can NOT perform these operations on any other operating system (Unix, Linux, etc.).

If the application is executed with command line parameters, no log is created. This is something we are working on adding.

Release 1
April 27, 2010

Read the initial release [download V1] Right-click (control-click on a Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As…”