The introduction of Hyperion 11.1.2 has some fantastic improvements.  Many of these have been long awaited.  The next few articles on In2Hyperion will describe some of the enhancements to Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, and Hyperion SmartView.

XREF Background

If you have been developing Planning applications, you are probably very familiar with the XREF function.  This function is used in business rules, calculation scripts, and member formulas.  It provides a method to move data from one plan type (Essbase database) to another plan type.  It is executed from the target database and pulls the data from the source.  XWRITE was actually introduced in later versions of 11.1.1.x, but is very stable in 11.1.2.x.  XWRITE is executed from the source and pushes data to the target.  This function is a huge improvement over XREF.  Read more