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Adventures in Groovy – Part 54: Collections Are Your Best Friend

I received a number of questions when I attended KScope. A lot of people had a tough time wrapping their head around the fact that using Groovy could actually reduce cost and development time, and significantly decrease the effort to maintain an application. The feedback I get on my lightning lessons has been overwhelmingly positive. […]


Lightning Lessons

I have thought about creating classes that are 30 minutes or less on critical topics and valuable technical concepts. I have heard from so many people that even if I gave them my training for free they wouldn’t have time to take it. Make a name for yourself today. Make your life better today. And […]

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Improve the Planner Experience with Groovy (ODTUG)

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from my last KScope presentation, I was asked to repeat the presentation for ODTUG. First of all, I can’t think you all enough for the generous and kind feedback! If you would like to attend, I would love to have you there.  

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Efficiently Handling Creating Blocks

You known what they say? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Creating blocks with DATACOPY is only the second slowest way you can do it. Do you want to know how to create a calculation using a faster performing technique to create blocks while calculating the members in those blocks?  

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Announcing the Essbase Ribbon, Part 2 – Power Adhoc Ribbon

Many of you used the Essbase ribbon I built 10+ years ago. I have been asked by many to build a similar ribbon for Smart View. Today I am introducing the Power Adhoc Ribbon. It has all the bells and whistles of the old ribbon completely re-engineered for Smart View. There is a nominal fee, […]


I’m Speaking at KScope21!

Well, another year and another huge disappointment that we won’t all be able to get together in Nashville, but I am still very grateful that we are able to share ideas. I decided to take a year off from speaking for many reasons, but because of the interest in Groovy, I was asked to join […]

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Adventures in Groovy – Part 52: And You Thought Essbase Only Stored Numbers

My 20+ years of using Essbase I was told, and had no reason not to believe, only stored numbers. We obviously have lists and with Planning it appears we have text. If you aren’t familiar with how this works, the strings are stored in the Planning repository and the index is stored in Essbase. If […]

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Upgrade Or Downgrade To Or From Hybrid In The Cloud

There are benefits to moving to Hybrid, but there are also some challenges.  The content of this post is not around the pros and cons, but the fact that you can upgrade your environment to use it.  If you find it isn’t for you, you can “downgrade” back to BSO.  The flexibility provides everybody the […]