A bug with EPM Automate has been identified.  This is not replicated on every version or client.  Please pay attention to any EPM Automate  updates installed.  In the past, I was able to install the latest version without any issues.  Currently, the install prompts users to uninstall the older version.  In the past, this worked as expected, but now, when selected, this has no effect and the new EPM Automate is NOT installed, leaving you with the existing version.  Read more



With the introduction of Groovy Calculations this summer, one of the things I use most, especially for applications with data forms that include a large sparse dimension in the rows with suppression on, is the option to loop through cells and identify only the POV on the cells that have changed.  Read more


Reports out of Hyperion Planning are typically identified in 2 categories.

  • Standard “canned” reports – These reports are used generically in a global aspect to report data in common formats and standardized views. These are often generated in volume and printed for presentations and executive review.
  • Ad hoc reports – These reports are more flexible, often adjusted to explain current variances and market conditions. These reports are most likely generated by analysts and managers producing unique views to explain variances that exist at a point in time.  The need to alter, change, and customize these reports are essential to identify and explaining current business conditions.

Read more


With more and more time dependent related data, grabbing the month from a Smart List is becoming more common.  Associating that with a value in the application is required for a number of calculations, including things like Read more