Building on the previous post and in the spirit of reusing code, this will expand on the concept by walking through the creation and use of functions in Groovy calculations.  Functions have huge value in reducing your Groovy calculations and streamlining development.  Read more


Now that you are knee deep in Groovy, help yourself out and reuse common code.  The more you learn, the more efficient you will be and will laugh at some of your initial attempts at your Groovy calculations.  If you are like me, you get excited about all the possibilities and learn as you go.  When you find better ways to do something, or even preferable ways, you end up with an application with inconsistent representations of the same logic.  You are too busy to go back and update all the snippets you have improved, so it stays in a somewhat messy state.

Do yourself a favor and start reusing some of the things you need in every script.  Read more


KScope has concluded, and what a fantastic week it was.  I love the years I get the feedback that I have an abstract selected so I can attend.  This year, I was awarded Oracle Ace, so it was really nice to be nominated and recognized for my contributions to the community.  Read more