KScope has concluded, and what a fantastic week it was.  I love the years I get the feedback that I have an abstract selected so I can attend.  This year, I was awarded Oracle Ace, so it was really nice to be nominated and recognized for my contributions to the community. 

I tried to record the sessions and unfortunately, only 1 worked.  All of my presentations were recorded through the event and will be released in the coming months. When they are, I will share the links.  Until them, I hope the visual presentations will inspire you to take a look at Groovy, if I haven’t already pushed you in that direction.

Now that my time has been spent building these decks is over, look forward to more Groovy Adventures!

Top Down and BottomS Up Planning at Breakthru Beverage Group

Why Groovy is Game Changing

ePBCS Gridbuilder Deep Dive – Last Minute KScope Souvenirs


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