Kscope 13 Abstract Submissions Are Open

Kscope13 article submission is open.  I will be spearheading the Planning track at Kscope13.  Last year was my first trip to the conference, and I was amazed at the talent and breadth of speakers.  Jake Turrell did an unbelievable job owning the Planning track last year.  He was involved in the release of Developing Essbase Applications (available in hardback and Kindle versions).

I am going to lean on him for help to try to make this year’s event even better.  The most important part of the conference starts now, and we need your help.  Submit an abstract.  Only a brief description is required at this point.  It takes less than 30 minutes.  We don’t need a full presentation now; that comes later.  If you are nervous about speaking, we will have a number of helpful presentations on what to expect and how to make your presentation the most effective possible.  If you do it once, I promise you will be hooked.

What you will need to submit

  1. Personal bio
  2. Presentation title
  3. Presentation description
  4. Presentation summary no more than 100 words
  5. Benefits of attending your presentation

To submit, go to the Kscope13 Abstract Submission Site.  Creating an account takes only a minute.  Once you are logged in, input your bio and click the “Add Abstract” button.  Use the information above to fill out the form.  Select the related technology, the type of presentation, and you are done!  The Kcope13 Content page has suggestions that will help you get your submission to stand out.

Submissions are open now to October 15th. 

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