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FDMEE: Loading Data to Different Plan Types

I’m currently working with a Planning application that has 2 data types with different dimensionality. This proved to cause some issues when I would try to import data via FDMEE. I would receive a validation error during the import phase for dimension UD4 (Customer dimension) which was valid for Plan Type 2 but not for […]


Automating SQLCMD Statements

Recently, I wanted to automate the process of loading monthly csv data files into a SQL table. I spent some time researching the syntax of SQLCMD as well as reading multiple different posts on the subject. After some trial and error, I was able to get the automation functioning properly. Here’s a quick summary.  

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Creating a SmartList: Linking Smartlists to Web Forms

What is a Smart List? Allows for creation of custom lists that can be used in data forms Goes beyond the limitations of Essbase: these lists are not limited to numbers only Users select a member from a designated list (each Smart List cell has a dropdown arrow that expands to allow member selection in […]