Adding a New Custom Dimension to HFM


Unlike a Planning application, adding a new custom dimension to an HFM application (after it has been deployed) requires a few extra steps to ensure a successful deployment. This post will provide step by step instructions on how to successfully complete the process.

Initially, I attempted to deploy my HFM application without following the steps that have been outlined in the post below. I received 8 warnings upon validation of the application prior to deployment:

In order to deploy the HFM application, we will need to log on to the server and stop some processes and services. Once you’re logged onto the HFM server, open up the task manager to begin shutting down a few key processes. You will need to right click and stop CASSecurity.exe, HsxServer.exe, & all of the HsvDataSource.exe processes:

Next, open up Services on the HFM server:

Right click and select to stop Oracle Hyperion Financial Management – Management Service (EPMA):

Return to the Task Manager and stop DMElistener.exe & HsxService.exe:

Now you can deploy the HFM application with the new custom dimension included. Check the job console to see that the deployment was successful:

Once deployment is complete, head back to the HFM server to start the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management – Management Service (EPMA) service to ensure that everything is back up & running.

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