I am currently working on a migration of on-premise to cloud project (going GREAT by the way).  One of the things we are working on is the change with the data integration.  One of the processes loads the number of working days to the application from a source that provides it.  “Why not use Groovy,” I ask?  It turns out to be a great question. Read more


I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a client and they wanted to replicate eliminations at the first common parent like HFM, or some other consolidations system.  Maybe there is a good way to do this, but I could never find an efficient and effective way to accomplish it with Essbase calculations.  Well, that is history.  This is yet another example of how to solve an historically complex problem very simply. Read more


Say what? An application where no calculations are performed with the Essbase calculation engine?

Business logic, currency, and every other calculation can be performed within Groovy outside of Essbase. I don’t know how I feel about this yet, but the thought of building this in calculations on an ASO cube is intriguing. The elimination of consolidating BSO cubes and data movements with Smart Pushes is also interesting. Some of my coworkers have built entire applications this way with great success and speed. I wanted to replicate this on a small scale to identify the pros and cons of this methodology, and here is what I found. Read more


Because so many methods in PBCS require parameters that are maps and lists, it is very important to your productivity and effectiveness to understand, use, and be able to manipulate collections.  Collections include lists, maps, and ranges.  These are based on Java collection types and include a ton of useful methods.  This article will cover lists and maps. Read more



For people that are new to Groovy/Java, testing functions that Groovy provides can be a tedious and time consuming process.  Learning anything is.  Trying to do this with the wrong tools compounds it.  I have seen some people give up and walk away from trying to improve applications because they struggle with the Groovy Calculations and the complexity it introduces to go beyond some of the basics, just because they are using a hammer when they need a screwdriver. Read more