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The Mouse Or Bust

I am really excited to be speaking and attending Kscope this year. It is very difficult to get selected to participate, so hopefully I don’t disappoint.  The last few years I was on the outside looking in, but this year I have 2 presentations.

Why Groovy is Game Changing

Groovy is a game changer.  It improves performance, allows for proactive user validation, can interact with the user in ways we haven’t been able to since the introduction of SmartView.

This session will provide an overview of Groovy functionality, including mind blowing performance improvements, how to interact with the planners, pre form save validation, and changing the form visuals.  The session will take the attendees from start to finish on the basics of Groovy with interactive code reviews and live demos.

Attendees will leave this session with the knowledge and examples that will enable them to go back to their environments and implement Groovy calculations to take advantage of ground breaking advancements in the technology.  These scripts improved calculations, data pushes, and consolidations by 98% in a real client application.

Top Down and Bottom Up Planning at Breakthru Beverage Group

Planners are always looking for real time reporting and faster feedback.  They are looking to make the forecasting and planning process faster by using historical trends and the ability to enter data at any level, enter growth factors, and drive the results down to the lowest level of the business.  They want instant feedback on consolidated results.

This session will highlight a customer success story using PBCS.  This session will walk through the strategic benefits building a driver based budget and forecasting application with the ability to seed SKU level data and apply growth rates at any level of product or organization to effectively build a bottom up plan.  The session will also discuss the work force planning application that includes the ability to allocate people over multiple cost centers and companies.  It will also discuss the technical architecture and strategy to allow this to happen and integrate with the higher level P$L in real time.  The session will be supported with live demonstrations.

Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of the business solutions and the strategic benefits of building a plan from historic trends.  They will also leave with a complete understanding of the technical architecture, including the benefits of Groovy calculations, and how to implement a similar solution.

Other Activities

Huron has a host of activities to compliment the events Kscope will be hosting.  If you would like to meet me there to discuss an opportunity, or just have a conversation about the cloud landscape, please drop me a email and we can schedule some time.

I will share more information about my sessions, and some other speakers I would recommend, as the event gets closer.

If you haven’t attended this event, it really is a great experience. You will come away from the event with new knowledge and relationships.  If you are interested in attending there is great information at kscope18.odtug.com.  There is still a $300 discount for early signup, but it doesn’t last more than another few weeks.

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