If you have jumped into Groovy Calculations, one of the things you likely would try to do is grab a value for a sub var.  Hopefully, you haven’t spent too much time before reading this.  I wasted a ton of time trying to get this to work before I opened a ticket with Oracle.  This class is NOT available yet and was inadvertently included in the public docs at https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/epm-common/GROOV/.  The development team told me they are going to remove it from the API docs.

Without it, the best way I have found to get this value is by adding it to a grid and pulling the dimension value from that column/row.  For example, if your periods are in the columns and you are need the value of a substitution variable that holds the current month, add the substitution variable to the first column for the variable that holds the current month of actuals, and hide the column so the users are not confused with its purpose/location.  If you make use of getCellWithMember, and don’t pass it any parameters, it will pull the top left cell in the grid, even if it is hidden.  Since this is a period member, use the getPeriodName method.  If it is a custom dimension, the getMemberName will provide what you need.

Here is an example.  The grid’s first column is hidden, and the period is set the substitution variable that represents the last month of actuals for the year.

String sCurMonth = '"' + operation.grid.getCellWithMembers().getPeriodName() + '"'
 - OR - 
String sCurMonth = '"' + operation.grid.getCellWithMembers().getMemberName("Period") + '"'

The sCurMonth variable can be used where needed in the Groovy calculation to obtain the substitution variable value.


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  1. Abhi says:


    We had similar requirement what we did was have a calc mgr variable with default value as substitution variable and hide it in the rule

    Then using rtps.variablename we retrieved the value of substitution variable.


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