Why The Name In2Hyperion, And Why It Is Changing

As the branding of Planning changes, so to am I.  It became obvious to me when I was at KScope18 and I got asked about the Hyperion name.  It was then I realized that I have been doing this too long.  I am now the old guy.  So, what is Hyperion and what does it mean?

For those of you that don’t know, Hyperion was the company that owned Planning prior to the acquisition by Oracle.  So, you will still hear people talk about Hyperion Planning, or HFR (Hyperion Financial Reporting), or Hyperion Essbase.  That said, Oracle is slowly phasing out the name.  Unless you are using the on premise version, you may have never heard of Hyperion.  As such, Hyperion is being used less and less in searches.

To help people find me, I am syndicating everything to www.in2Oracle.com and www.in2EPBCS.com.  I am still going to keep similar branding, but since people that come to in2Oracle get a logo reading in2Hyperion, there is some confusion.

For those of you that don’t know what Hyperion is, welcome to In2Hyperion.com!  For all you old timers, welcome to In2Oracle.com and In2ePBCS.com.

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