Calc Manager: Fixing Corrupt Rules & Rulesets

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I was recently testing out the performance of rulesets that were attached to forms, and ran into an issue that had me scratching my head. Certain rulesets were not running or even appearing on forms that they were attached to in the Planning application. Turns out, the rules had been corrupted in the transfer between Calc Manager and the Planning application

The issue first appeared when looking at a Planning form. Prior to the testing, I had attached a ruleset to the Brokerage and Commission form. However, when looking at the form, the ruleset was nowhere to be found:

However, with a little digging, I was able to verify that there is indeed a ruleset attached to the form:

So, where is the breakdown happening?

From the Planning application, let’s take a look at the Business Rules to see if we can gather any more information:

Notice that some of the rulesets say “None” instead of displaying the play button. Broke_Comm, our missing ruleset, is displaying “None”:

It looks like we found the issue. These rules have been corrupted and will not launch in the Planning application. That would explain why we were not seeing the rulesets on the forms. Some maintenance is required to get the rules back up and running. Here are the steps I took to fix the issue:

Open up Calc Manager and select deployment view:

Expand the “To Be Deployed” folder and uncheck all of the rules (this list of rules should match up with the corrupted rules – rules displaying “None” in the Launch column – from the Planning app):

Right click on the application in deployment view and select Deploy:

In Planning, verify that there are no longer any non-launchable rules:

Next, head back to Calc Manager and check all of the rules that are under the “To Be Deployed” folder. Right click on the application and deploy. Navigate back to the Business Rules tab in the Planning application, where all of the rules should now be launchable:

Looking back at the Brokerage Commission form, the Ruleset that is attached is now displayed:

Note: This works most of the time, but sometimes following the above steps will not bring back all of the corrupted rules/rulesets. When this happens, I’ve found that the easiest solution is to:

  1. Take an LCM backup of Calc Manager in Shared Services
  2. Delete the rules that are corrupt
  3. Import the rules from the backup that was just taken
  4. Navigate to Calc Manager->Deployment View and Deploy all of the newly imported rules

This second option might take a little bit longer than the first solution outlined, but it will clean up your rules/rulesets and get them back to performing as expected.

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