Summarize The Essbase Data Error File

How many times have you been in a situation where you have to traverse through hundreds of lines and errors from an Essbase data load only to figure out that all the rejected records are caused by an issue with one member?  You load the file again and wham – another error file with issues you didn’t see the first time.

Although this is typically less of an issue in a production environment, these situations are very likely in the development and testing phases of a project.

In2Hyperion is introducing another free tool that will navigate through errors and summarize the reasons for the rejects.  If 1,000 errors occurred because of one member, the feedback provided will show one line.

Hopefully our community will be able to use this utility to save themselves time and frustration.  It’s a free download!  For more information about the license, requirements, and installation, read Show Unique Essbase Error utility page.

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