Current Classes

Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning

Groovy for Planning is our flagship training program that walk through the basics of groovy focusing on variables most used with Planning. You learn how to optimize calculations and application data synchronization, create powerful pre-save validation, build calculations directly in ASO, and use grid builders, which is a core set of methods to do advanced functionality.  The reviews are incredible, and I update it quarterly for new functionality!

Mastering The EPM Planning Javadocs

Mastering Javadocs leads you through the API (Groovy) documentation. It took me a year to fully grasp the content, what it means, and how to apply it. This is a great compliment to Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning and is probably the most important knowledge for you to become completely independent building new functionality with Groovy.

Sample Training

Everybody likes free! I keep the modules up to date with new functionality so the content stays current. Two of these additions are available for free so you get a taste of what to expect when you purchase a class. Dive in and and learn a little about some of the new groovy methods for free!

Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning (Grid Builders Only)

If you don’t think you need the foundational knowledge components of Groovy for EPM Cloud Planning, but you are struggling with how to use the grid builders to build some crazy advanced functionality, take this 3 module class focused just on grid builders and save some of your cold hard cash!

Using the REST API in Groovy Calculations for ERP Cloud Planning

Currently being developed and produced.  I expect this to be completed in August.  The current price is discounted for those who want to bet the content as it is released.

I received a number of questions when I attended KScope. A lot of people had a tough time wrapping their head around the fact that using Groovy could actually reduce cost and development time, and significantly decrease the effort to maintain an application. The feedback I get on my lightning lessons has been overwhelmingly positive. The basis of the concept of the use of Groovy making things simpler stems from understanding, using, and becoming confident using collections. I thought I would share some examples, use cases that you all use, and some samples to get those started. If you doubt Groovy can mean simpler and faster, I HOPE this will get you to at least think about coming over to the dark side and provide some perspective that will help.

I would like to create more of these and potentially move my training to be free. Before I can do that I need everybody to watch what I post AND subscribe! If I can generate enough of that, I can create enough add revenue to fun my effort and time. So subscribe, watch, and we will see what happens.

In the mean time, let me know what you think of having videos like this rather than traditional written content. If you would like to learn more about dynamic scripts for data maps, forms, and improving performance with Esssbase scripts by removing serial mode and threading the right way, head over to I have more lightening lessons ready for you to take advantage of!