Lightning Lessons

I have thought about creating classes that are 30 minutes or less on critical topics and valuable technical concepts. I have heard from so many people that even if I gave them my training for free they wouldn’t have time to take it.

Make a name for yourself today. Make your life better today. And do it in 30 minutes! For a limited time creating form agnostic rules is available for at a 20% discount.

What I have decided to do is create bite sized, very targeted, topics that people can digest in less than 30 minutes. Obviously the depth of the training is different with these lightning lessons, but I am hoping to be able help people that are looking for specific topics. The goal is to show specific reusable calculations or scripts that can be used immediately, by novice and experts alike. These will be targeted to improve performance and decrease implementation time.

I want to introduce the the first lightning lesson, creating form agnostic rules! This lesson will walk you through how to create a Groovy rule that will work on virtually any form and effectively fix on the combinations of sparse dimensions. It doesn’t matter what is in the columns, rows, or POV. It just works. And it will build Your essbase calculations to fix on only the sparse combinations that need calculated. It also applies the same concepts to data maps.

You will leave with basic knowledge of what the rule is doing and downloadable scripts you can immediately implement.

I know you all are super busy, so this first lesson will significantly help you implement solutions quicker if you are a consultant. If you are an admin, you will enjoy the benefits of not having to use run time prompts, not having a rule for every form with different POVs, and super fast performance!