Getting The Most From Your Oracle Support

Nobody will argue that Oracle Support is a word class experience.  Like it or not, the service is here to support thousands and individuals can get lost in the process.  If you navigate the process correctly, you can get results.

What Do Do First

Your first step should be to troubleshoot the issue.  Do everything you can for support.  The more you provide, the less “did you plug in the computer” type questions that delay you getting help  you will get.  Be clear and concise.  The first few levels of support are likely less experienced than you and will only be able to provide novice level help most of the time.

Next, make sure the content of your support ticket is complete.  Don’t leave any questions.  What I have found to be extremely helpful is to video the issue.  Make sure you show the problem and walk through the calculation or script or whatever is the source of the issue.  This doesn’t have to be a professional video.  There are free screen recording applications.  There are also some pretty inexpensive ones.  If you use a Mac, ScreenFlick is 35 bucks and well work it.  It gives you the basics.  If you use SnagIt, it also works just fine.

If you are a Windows user, there is a nice free option, but you probably haven’t noticed it, and for good reasons.  If you look through the Start menu, you won’t find any reference to a screen recorder. You’re not missing it… it simply isn’t there. That’s because rather than making the screen recorder a standalone app, Microsoft included it as a feature of the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10.

Your Second Step

After you open a ticket and provide your video of the issue, proving there is an issue without a doubt, follow these steps

  • Make sure you get a duty manager assigned and push for escalation
  • Call 1-800-223-1711
  • Press 1 and enter your SR number
  • Press 2 to speak with a manager
  • Do not press 1 to speak with Engineer, this will likely result in going straight to Voicemail
  • Tell the Support Hub the critical impact you are facing
  • Request a Duty Manager callback ASAP
  • Repeat request level 2, then level 3, to level n, until you get what you want
  • Call hourly until you get what you want – the squeaky wheel gets the grease

During this process, here are some things make sure you get the most out of the experience.

  • Speak with the support hub manager
  • Describe the impact, include key project milestones at risk and communicate what you need for progress
  • If your issue is CRITICAL you should ALWAYS make a request for a duty manager call back.
  • If you ask for a duty manager call back, wait 30-60 minutes until you receive the call and reiterate the problem
  • Be strategic with your request
  • Don’t just say you need to escalate – describe the impact and communicate what you need for progress
  • Keep in mind, your SR will NOT appear in an “escalated” state unless you negotiate this with a duty manager

That’s A Wrap

Should you have to do all this?  No.  The experience should be better, but yelling about it and banging your fists on the table won’t change anything.  You have to play the game and go through the process.  If you use these tactics, I guarantee you will improve the response.