Bug Report: GroovyDynamicLocalizedException Validation Error

The GroovyDynamicLocalizedException Groovy method should return the message in the user selected local (language) from a messageBundle.  This can be used to share the bundles in other situations.  Currently, when used, it returns a validation error.

A validation error was received from the Planning server.

‘Error:The Groovy script failed to compile with internal error: Compile Error: [Static type checking] – Cannot find matching method Script29#GroovyDynamicLocalizedException(oracle.epm.api.GroovyResourceBundleLoader, java.lang.String). Please check if the declared type is right and if the method exists.

Oracle has created in internal bug to this issue.


An example of the use of this function that produces this error is below.

def mbUs = messageBundle(["validation.InvalidVendorDesc":"The Product name cannot exceed 20 characters in length. The description that you entered is characters too long.", "validation.InvalidCharacter":"You cannot use commas [ , ] or pipes [ | ] in Product names"])
def mbl = messageBundleLoader(["en" : mbUs])
println GroovyDynamicLocalizedException(mbl,"validation.InvalidVendorDesc").getMessage()

There is currently no time table on a resolution.