That’s A Wrap, Big Easy Style

It was a pleasure meeting a ton of new people in the industry at Kscope 2013, and being exposed to another great city.  It included 4 nights on Bourbon Street and 4 days of fantastic presentations.  Attendance was up 17% from last year!

Once again, I thank all those who presented and organized the event.  I want to extend a special thank you to all the attendees who recognized in2hyperion for its work in the Hyperion community.  Because of the number of people who offered to pay me for the In2Hyperion Excel Ribbon, I am now accepting donations. Your generosity will help fund the maintenance of the ribbon and the website. Donate Now!

If you would like to read my presentation, download it here.  I strongly believe that automation, if done right, can enrich the lives of those maintaining and using Hyperion applications.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to rethink the possibilities that automating your tasks can have on your life and those around you.  In the presentation, I discuss what these utilities offer, including the layout of the scripting and the setup of the batch utility from the command line.  I explain in detail the EPMA Batch Utility, the Planning utilities most often used, the LCM Utility, and parameterizing MaxL.