Website Updates Mean Improved Viewer Experience For You

We have introduced a few changes to the site, and hope they add additional value and ease of use.

First, we have upgraded the blog engine to the newest version to eliminate some issues the site is experiencing with newer browsers.  We have received feedback that some of the functions aren’t working as expected, and these changes should fix the issues viewers are having.

Secondly, the navigation bar on the right has been updated.  New articles will be assigned to experience level, which will help those in with different experiences find articles more applicable to them.  Our twitter feed will also be streamed near the bottom.  The plan is to tweet more information; things that don’t necessarily constitute an article, but is valuable information.  If you aren’t following us on twitter, you will find it valuable.  Expect bug announcements, tips, interesting finds in new versions, and the other topics that will be applicable.