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  • Creating Row and Column Templates

    When developing it’s always best to avoid “recreating the wheel” and the same concept applies when building reports in Hyperion Financial Reporting. An important step in the design phase centers on report row and column sets; these are simply the groups of members which display in the rows and columns of each report. Any reports that “share” groups of members, whether in rows or columns, provide an excellent opportunity for creating Hyperion Row and/or Column Templates. These templates can then be referenced in additional reports, resulting in decreased development effort and less maintenance.

    Benefits: When needing to create multiple reports which have similar or identical row and column sets, the user can save time by creating one standardized row and column set, saving it as an object in the repository, and reusing it for multiple reports.  The user also has the ability to modify a row/column template at any point and resave it into the repository which automatically updates all grids linked to the template.