Groovy, Game Changing Technology at Breakthru Beverage Group – Webinar Invitation


Join Us On March 22, 2018

On March 22, 2018, I am hosting a webinar featuring the work delivered at Breakthru Beverage Group in Chicago, Illinois.  Breakthru had the traditional challenges, but it had some additional obstacles other don’t.  With requirements of entering budget at any level, complex allocation and seeding logic, and the need for consolidated reporting in real time, we had to get creative.  Welcome, Groovy Calculations!  Groovy calculations were released in June of 2017, just in time to be a key resource to solve the previously stated problems.   This application will highlight solutions like changing a product price at a consolidated level, and seeing it allocated down to delivery channel, material group, and company.  It will show how we consolidated and pushed to results to the P&L applications in seconds.

It is easy to participate, you can RSVP TODAY.

I will discuss the architecture, the challenges, and how we used Groovy to do things never before possible in Hyperion Planning.

Although we will be discussing the technology used, this is not a technical discussion on how to write Groovy calculations.  If you are an administrator, user, or owner of PBCS, we will highlight challenges you are likely facing, and how to overcome them using Groovy at a more functional level.  If you are looking to purchase or move to the cloud, this presentation will educate you on the possibilities now available with the new functionality of Groovy calculations.


  • Introduction: Setting the expectations and introducing the speakers
  • Application Overview: Application, purpose, top down planning, and seeding
  • Performance Challenges: Product updates, allocations, long wait times for consolidated reporting
  • Real Time Reporting: How Groovy allowed us to overcome performance issues and enable real time consolidated reporting
  • The Groovy 411: Live demo showing how Groovy Calculations solved performance issues
  • More Than Performance: Live demo showing other enhancements Groovy provides, like user input validation
  • Finishing Up: Q/A, review, and opportunities for next steps to setup an optimization assessment

The Official Invitation

Top Down and Bottom Up Planning at Breakthru Beverage Group

Planners are always looking for real time reporting and faster feedback.  They are looking to make the forecasting and planning process faster by using historical trends and the ability to enter data at any level, enter growth factors, and drive the results down to the lowest level of the business.  They want instant feedback on consolidated results.

Join this webcast and hear from the VP of Financial Planning & Analysis at Breakthru Beverage Group on how they are using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) integrated with game changing technology, Groovy, to improve speed and performance across planning processes.

Leave this session with an understanding on how Breakthru Beverage:

  1. Attained strategic benefits of building a driver based budget and forecasting application with the ability to seed product level data and apply growth rates consolidated levels to effectively build a bottoms up plan.
  2. Leveraged work force planning to include the ability to allocate people over multiple cost centers and companies.
  3. Developed a technical architecture and strategy to allow this to happen and integrate with the higher level P&L in real time.

RSVP today and learn how you can take advantage of Groovy.

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