FDMEE: Loading Data to Different Plan Types

I’m currently working with a Planning application that has 2 data types with different dimensionality. This proved to cause some issues when I would try to import data via FDMEE. I would receive a validation error during the import phase for dimension UD4 (Customer dimension) which was valid for Plan Type 2 but not for Plan Type 1

For this specific case, I was trying to load data for Plan Type 1, which has a different set of dimensions from Plan Type 2. The customer & product dimensions are not valid for Plan Type 1. Note the settings from the dimension library for both dimensions.



From the setup tab in FDMEE, click Target Application. We need to remove Customer & Product from the “Data Table Column Name” column:

Remove the values for Product & Customer and click save:

Then click refresh metadata:

After refreshing the metadata, go back to the Data Load Workbench and import the data file. The import & validate steps should complete successfully now:

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  1. I have tried this and it has removed the Product dimension from other valid Plan types as well.

    Am i missing something? TIA.


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