Change Application Maintenance Mode via Command Line


Patch Set Update: offers a welcome utility

If you have ever tried to automate the state of a Hyperion Planning applications’ Application Maintenance Mode, you found it difficult. The only way to accomplish this was to run a SQL Update on the repository table, and for this to take effect, the Planning service had to be restarted.

If you are unfamiliar with the Application Maintenance Mode setting, it is found in Administration/Application/Settings menu. Changing this setting from All Users to Administrators, locks out planners from using the application. It is typically used when changes are made to hierarchies, web forms, system settings, security, and during deploys, to keep users out while changes are being introduced.

Patch Set, and the corresponding patch release for, introduces a new utility that allows administrators to change this setting from a command line. YEAH, it can now be automated without restarting Planning!

Without Further Adieu

MaintenanceMode.cmd (or in UNIX) is found in the <EPM_PLANNING_INSTANCE> directory. The following parameters can be passed, separated by commas.

  • /A=app – Application name (required)
  • /U=user – Name of the administrator executing the utility (required)
  • /P=password – The administrator’s password (required)

ALL_USERS – All users can log on or continue working with the application.

ADMINISTRATORS – Only other administrators can log on. Other users are forced off and prevented from logging on until the parameter is reset to ALL_USERS.

OWNER – Only the application owner can log on. All other users are prevented from logging on. If they are currently logged on, they are forced off the system until the option is reset to All_USERS or ADMINISTRATORS. Only the application owner can restrict other administrators from using the application.

  • /DEBUG=[true|false] – Specify whether to run the utility in debug mode. The default is false. (optional)
  • /HELP=Y – View the utility syntax online (optional)



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